EMAS 2024

  • 4.4.2024
  • Kurzy

The 14th regional workshop on the Edge on New EM and Microanalysis Technology will be held 12-15 May 2024 in Brno, Czech Republic

The EMAS 2024 Regional Workshop stands in a line of biennial events held by EMAS, designed to provide postgraduate-level and research workers in materials science, material engineering and related subjects, with basic knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of electron probe-based analytical techniques. The 14th workshop aims to provide an overview of current and new electron microscope and dual-beam technology, together with the analytical possibilities they offer. The workshop is organised as low-budget meeting with lectures on practical and theoretical aspects of electron microscopy given by experts in their fields. The format and content of the meeting is tailored to the needs of research workers, as well as practical microscopists, keen to obtain a broader overview of analytical techniques currently available on the platform of an electron microscope or dual-beam system.

Organized in collaboration with:

Brno University of Technology (VUT)

Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)

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