Microscopy: applied research and education

  • 17.6.2016
  • Aktuality

You are still in time to submit a chapter proposal to be considered for publication in the forthcoming number (#7) of the Formatex Microscopy book series titled "Microscopy and imaging science: practical approaches to applied research and education".

Deadline for abstract submission: 7 July 2016

The aim of this book is to share the latest research advances in the field of microscopy presented in a way accessible to a public beyond those who are specialists in the topic dealt. It is the aim of this approach to take full pedagogical advantage of many research materials that researchers manage around the world but which are outside the scope of more specialized scholarly publications.
Education-oriented original research papers and mini-reviews are especially welcome, although more "regular" research papers might also be suitable.

The book will be structured into four sections:

  • Applications of microscopy in biology and medicine
  • Applications of microscopy in physical/chemical sciences
  • Advances in methods and techniques
  • Educational materials on microscopy

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