Microscopy training courses at BIOCEV

  • 24.8.2021
  • Aktuality

Dear colleagues,
Let us invite you to the autumn microscopy training courses organized by the Imaging Methods Core Facility at BIOCEV.
Single molecule microscopy and manipulation (SMMM) - October 18.-22., 2021,
Practical course focusing on fundamentals as well as tips and tricks on how to perform single molecule experiments and data analysis to obtain qualitative and quantitative information about molecular interactions, concentrations, and mobilities, both in vitro and in vivo. Details can be found at http://imcf.natur.cuni.cz/SMMM/
3D-CLEM: Imaging function and ultrastructure (3D-CLEM) - November 22.-25., 2021, 
Practical course covering the aspects of correlative light and electron microscopy from sample preparation via imaging to data analysis. The microscopy methods will include confocal fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy with focused ion beam milling and electron tomography. Details can be found at https://imcf.natur.cuni.cz/CLEM/
Please note that both the SMMM (MB151C01E) and the 3D-CLEM (MB100P05) courses are part of Charles University study program and the students of Charles University can get credits by attending them. The courses are intended for both students and researchers with interest in light and electron microscopy - the courses will cover microscopy basics as well as advanced microscopy techniques and analysis.
Looking forward to your participation!
Your IMCF team
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