Scanning electron microscope Quanta 200 FEG

  • 23.10.2017
  • Prodám

Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry AS CR sells an old scanning electron microscope Quanta 200 FEG.

The microscope was installed in 2005. It can work in high-vacuum (HV-SEM), low-vacuum (LV-SEM) and environmental mode (ESEM). It is equipped by number of detectors (SE, BSE, STEM, WetSTEM), X-ray microanalysis (EDAX, cooled by liquid nitrogen) and cooling stage (Peltier stage, temperatures to -20C); it also includes a field cancelling system (FCS; Spicer Consulting).

Some parts of the microscope are not fully functional at the moment (BSE, FCS).

More details and technical pieces of information:

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